My life is not simplistic by any means however I have learned how to take apart the crazy and turn it into simplistic steps, for more of an enjoyable and not so overwhelming life.

My life goals are, yes, simplicity, to be humble, kind, and overall helpful in any capacity to serve humankind. These traits definitely correspond into why I chose to be a nurse as well as a mother. I have had what you would call a backwards journey into my career and motherhood but it seems to be a surpassing theme in my life;

I had my first child before I was married, so yes, you guessed it, not planned and had all of my children (three) before starting my career in nursing. I have never been one to carry out the expectations of life with what you would consider normal or expected, nor I guess, would I change it. I started out after high school with going to college for my bachelors degree, had no idea what I wanted to do, nor what I thought I would be good at. I then transitioned to that unplanned baby I mentioned earlier, to having two more babes and then started nursing school. I chose to do this when my youngest was nine months old, because why not throw on getting an RN degree when you have a nine month old, two year old and five year old to mother and contend to. Ok, I did also have that husband I mentioned but while he was supportive, he worked full time and was not much help when it came to me actually passing my classes and obtaining my degree. To point out, the second part of my backwards journey (if you did not pick up on it) was that I would have saved myself a lot of time, money, energy, yada yada yada, if I would have just gone into nursing my first time around with my B.S. degree but nope, that’s too easy!

So yes did that, check!

I guess I was not done because after working for two years as an RN while still mothering and contending to my children, I decided, I think it is the best time to continue my education and get my Nurse Practitioner’s degree and license. I set myself up for another three years of part-time schooling when I never really ever enjoyed school!

And then let’s add one more thing, shall we?

My sister has done very well for herself in the online business world and while I do not want to dive too much into her story, you can check it out here, I mention her because, not only is she an inspiration to me in all ways, I had always tossed the thought around of figuring out what it is she does, as it seems interesting and so much different then the path I have found myself on. So… I decided to also work with her or for her, whatever it is that fits our working relationship, as I have yet to even come to know my title, but it turns out that I like it and find myself now trying to fit this into my not so complicated schedule.

To sum up, here are my roles; Wife, Mother, Nurse, seems like a forever life long student, and then “worker” for my sister and her biz.

So, back to that simplicity thing.  How to achieve this and still make it all work?

First of all, I start my week with a list to set myself up for the most amount of success. Also, remember this is not a one size fits all kind of set up. With each year, even month, this needs to be tweaked and suited for your current lifestyle. With children of different ages, who are always growing it is hard to stick to one type of plan or set up.

Goal, simplify it! This means delegate what you can and own the rest. Lets face it, it may not be the best week of my life but heck if I am going to let it be the worst!

Delegate. Yes, this means chores for everyone in the family, so it does not fall all onto you. Do what works for you, like allowance, but in my family chores are just that, chores. No one wants to do them, they are always re-occurring, but yet have a need to get done. Figure out who does what, you (Mom/Dad) delegate and then someone owns them.

Then there are the things that you can hire out. Well you could probably hire most anything out these days but depending on your budget you may have to be choosey. This is where you have to compare what’s worth your time?  So, for the things that make it on your, To Do list and you end up owning, you then can look at them and decide is this worth my time or I can pay this much $ for that amount of time required? This will free up my time to spend it doing other things that are beneficial for my life. I would be lying if I told you this was easy for me. I most certainly would like to make everything work, where I did not have to pay out more money, do it all myself, how I like it, be proud and say to myself, you Go Girl, your awesome, you’re a Rockstar who does it all and gets everything done. NOT! This never happens, nor will it ever. 

So, I am left simplifying life to making it work the best that I can.


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