I’m Amy and am a Family Nurse Practitioner whose life goals revolve around serving. I am the mother to three beautiful children, wife to one amazing husband and am a devoted Christian!

My life’s intent is to ultimately help other’s. Currently in my profession I do not believe I will be able to fully impact my patient’s in the way I would want to, nor in the way I should, in our current practice of Western medicine. That is why I choose to write this blog; to impact my patient’s, as well as the public’s lives, in the way that I believe they deserve, in order to provide for the best possible care as a modern day medical professional!

Another side to me or another ‘hat that I wear’ is working for my sister, Gina Horkey and her company Horkey HandBook. I started working for her while I was completing my last year of graduate school. I was not sure where I saw this type of work in my future as it was so very different than what I had become accustomed to, however have come to very much enjoy it! With that being said, my other reason for wanting to bring forth this blog is to be able to continue on with this other passion I have found, working in a technological virtual based world, as well as my current medical profession and then attempt to mesh the two together.

I also choose to live as modest and simplistic as possible. I do not dare call myself a minimalist but do however try to come close and would like to continue to pursue such a lifestyle. Too much stuff is just that, too much! I believe it is another way we add additional stress to our lives, when we accumulate more and more. Simply put, if I cannot organize it, or it does not have a functional practical place in my life, or home, then it just does not need to exist. This also needs to be applied to not accumulating more, not just purging and getting rid of stuff. Sure, it’s all great to feel good about getting rid of junk or clutter however, it got there in the first place somehow and how wasteful to always just be repeating that cycle. I would much rather live where I have what I actually need.

The current medical model of patient care is changing and with it, more and further advancing technology in medical practice and it is becoming more essential for modern medicine to adapt and change along with it. My then ultimate goal is to be able to provide quality healthcare through education, resources, researched based evidence and incorporating that through technological means as well as traditional.