Simply Be Living for your Future!

Modern day living can be challenging, stressful and downright tough with our busy and chaotic lives!

The trick to betterment for ourselves is to start living life SIMPLY! Living more simply doesn’t mean being less productive, less involved, or just overall less of who you want to be in life. It means, does how you spend your time matter?

Have you just gotten so overwhelmed due to losing track of schedules or becoming less organized? So run down from fast paced life that you don’t put your energy into increasing your physical activity or improving your eating habits? 

So, this last one is a big one and I want to touch on it just a brief more as it pertains to my overall message, that when we put more on our plate, like wanting to accomplish more goals, having more tasks or reminders for the week, to get more done so we feel like we are getting somewhere in life, we actually then end up counterproductively taking away from ourselves.

Then what do we do? We need to take an inventory of our current living situation and break it down into; essential, want or goal, and not necessary.  I.e. grocery shopping for the family, I would say is essential as our family needs to eat for the week. 

With everything we do in our life we can then break it down further and look at it like, am I planning on quickly stopping at the store after work, giving myself not as much time as needed to make rational decisions on spending or choices, rushing in grabbing foods that will do so you can get out of there and back home at a decent time?  Then later looking at it like wow my grocery bills are adding up or they are more then I would like to spend and not to mention being spent on the type of foods that ultimately you would not like to see your family eating. 

Then breaking it down even further and applying the concept of how to simplify this in order to make it overall a better experience.  Another example would be the whole dinner thing.  Are you rushing home after work, do not have a game plan for dinner, find yourself justifying stopping at the umpteen dozen’s of food options that you can conveniently grab but to again later wonder, was that ultimately the right call to benefit my life? 

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